Saturday, 1 June 2019

Being Mentioned as a Classified Ads Site Alternative to Other Classifieds

Becoming a famous brand comes with its own perks. One thing that our team has noticed is that the FreeAdsTime mention on other websites has been steadily on the rise. We have been mentioned on many sites and couple examples would be the Craigslist alternatives and Backpage alternatives list.

It seems it has become a common practice to find similar or alternative websites as many try to post their ads on multiple websites so that they can increase their chances of selling their item.

We are participating in some of the ad sharing programs that are offered by some of the websites in our niche such as Oodle and Trovit. What happens is that some of the posted ads will be shared with them and they’ll be displayed on their sites as well. This increases the exposure to the posted ads.

A note is that we do not share the ad owner personal info that was entered in the designated personal info fields on the site. Almost only ad title and description are accessible through these other sites and their visitors have to visit FreeAdsTime to communicate with the ad owners.

Yet again, the mentions of us on other sites is a positive sign for us. We will continue to do our best to provide a world-class service and we would like to thank everyone that has recognized us over the past decade almost. 

Saturday, 5 January 2019

Entering 2019 and All the Excitements

Change is what has kept us advancing in every aspect of life and a year change is an iconic point of how we usually track the history. 2018 was a great year as for the web traffic increase FreeAdsTime classifieds had and this simply means that there are more sellers and there are more buyers. Everyone’s basically was a winner in 2018.

The 2019 news is that our aim will be to continue to be one of the main players among top classified ads sites on the internet and it’s harder done than said. The team here has put a great plan together to ensure that every visit experience to FreeAdsTime is nothing other than great.

Making the website load faster and adding easier social media sharing are examples of things you can expect to see from early on this year and over dozens of other changes are in the pipeline for the remaining of the year.

Our team here wishes you a wonderful year with the hope that you will have many successes in 2019. Of course, feel free to reach us using the contact page provided on the site if you had any inquiries or questions.

Saturday, 1 September 2018

Fully Equiped Classified Ads Site

FreeAdsTime popularity has exponentially been increasing month after month. This trend was started after having certain features added to the site and, of course, years of planning and upgrading have always been the first reason that we see any improvements at all.

The map API was updated on the site and finding items and services can now easily be done through the map rather than the classic listing pages. Also, a large number of improvements were made to the codes to make the website load faster almost than any other classifieds out there.

The changes, in general, caused a traffic spike and our aim is to build on this traffic as it both helps the buyers and the sellers to accomplish what they intended to by visiting this classified ads site.

Of course, the business listings and product listings are as well the pages that anyone can post or browse through. We will continue to do our research on what can add value to the site as for adding categories and we'll proceed where we see the value. Yet again, the FreeAdsTime is a fully equipped classified ads site and it'll be happy to serve you.

Saturday, 2 June 2018

The Relation Between a Classified Ads Site and Having Your Service or Product Sold

The key to having your product or service sold on a classified ads site is to do your research before proceeding with posting ads on just any classified ads sites. The number of websites on the internet has exceeded a billion for quite some time and it is just that much more common to come across websites with almost zero to none traffic. If there's no traffic, of course, the chances of you selling your product are close to zero as well.

There are multiple ways of knowing if a classifieds site worth your time and effort. A good way of determining how well a site does is browsing through its categories. Visit the pages you're planning to post your product or service in and see how many live ads are in place.

Also, another way of reviewing the performance of a website is to go through the available tools online such as Alexa. These tools tend to show you the traffic history of a site and they normally point out their ranking on the internet.

Just to summarize, the more exposure your ads get the better chances you have to sell your products and it's best to do your research before proceeding. The FreeAdsTime team understands how important it is to have traffic driven to the site and this always has been a high priority. Happy shopping and selling!

Friday, 23 March 2018

FreeAdsTime and a New Cause

This local classifieds has allowed us to learn more and more about different communities out there and this has taught us that every business or an individual person can have a great impact on improving lives.

The team here has come together to see what some of the causes are that FreeAdsTime can contribute to. Our primary goal has been to spread the word and to give the posted ads as much exposure as possible without a fee to users; however, we wanted to also have a positive impact aside from the digital world.

Feel free to leave your feedback on this through the comments as we still haven't finalized what are the best ways of helping communities out there would be for our business.

Monday, 1 January 2018

2018 and Expected Changes

2017 was with no doubt a great year in terms of receiving more traffic. This can be seen in Alexa rankings and other traffic monitoring tools online. Our aim is to continue this trend throughout 2018 by implementing modern marketing strategies.

This means that there will be more views on the sellers' ads and more products/services will become available on the website.

We, of course, will continue to provide updates here on this blog on a quarterly basis in 2018 as well. Feel free to subscribe to its feed to learn the latest about our change.

We wish you a happy new year and expecting your smiles to become even bigger in 2018!

FreeAdsTime Team

Thursday, 10 August 2017

FreeAdsTime Now is on HTTPS and Major Speed Improvement Strategies Have Been Applied

More than a few major improvements have been applied to the site over the last few months. We had the SSL activated for the and it now serves its pages through https protocol. We faced some challenges initially to move everything to https as we have over 2500 subdomains and the website structure had to be changed slightly. Nevertheless, our competent team had this sorted out and the site now has a great performance.

We also tested a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to speed up the pages; however, our expectations were not met and we decided to do a lot of manual improvements. We now have one of the fastest classifieds sites out there and this was measured using Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool.

We’ve noticed an improvement to traffic after these changes and this trend perhaps will continue. Basically, there’s a higher chance for a visitor to stay on a website if it loads under a few seconds. This is the case for almost all our pages right now and this is in parallel with our providing great user experience goal.

As usual, we’ll continue with newer updates and we’ll keep you posted.