Saturday, 1 December 2012

Holidays Are Back Again

This is that time of year that a number of visits to most sites will almost double up. At least it sure will happen for us. Big bucks retailers, electronic stores do count on this time of the year to survive in a competitive market. As for us, we are not so nice to our competitors as our visitors can almost do everything on at no charge.

No matter if our traffic gets to double up or triple up, yet we do our best to provide the best free services. Posting classifieds and selling your items can be done totally at no charge and with no commission to our side. We also have improved some of the settings on our servers, ensuring that we will have the best of our server for this upcoming holidays.

We are eager to hear from people wanting us to add more cities to classifieds. We do our best to check out as many as requests possible and we will make changes to our site. Keep in mind that suggesting new cities can help your neighborhood too in a sense. They don't have to choose the closest city as for their posted ads, they rather can choose the actual city.

Last not least, we wish you a time filled with best moments and cherished memories as for the upcoming holidays. We are looking forward to serving our visitors in upcoming years with even a better service. Don't hesitate to contact us to ask questions or leave feedback. This is how we can improve and serve the community.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Novemeber is Here and Classifieds Have More Demand Than Any Other Month

This is a month that interest in posting free ads picks up. We are not saying this with no research of course. If you go to Google Trends and do a search on posting free ads, then you will notice that there has been a pick in every November. This means we have to be prepared and have the site well maintained. This includes having our pages updated and making sure we can present all the ad posters.

We had some argument in Google forums, saying that some of their results are not well optimized. For instance, if you search for free ads in the US, you will get to see sites that are not meant for American people in the US. There was a money back and forth answer. The result was that Google is aware of some of these wrong results. They asked us to use their search result feedback form to report the whole thing.

We are not sure how interested our visitors are about the whole online search engine ranking and such stories. Nonetheless, we are going to tell you a bit about this stuff. In order for people to find you over the internet, your site should be well optimized for search engines. There are tons of sites out there, but you should give search engines a good reason to pick you up and not the tons of competitors.

This is where all the quality guidelines become important. For instance, we remove ads posted in a wrong category or if the intend for the ad is more of spamming than helping the community. Besides, the site should be well organized. There are new changes happening every day in the internet world. We implemented structured data so that Google and other search engines can learn more about our pages.

Knowing more about our pages can come to a conclusion that Google and other search engines would know about your posting. As a result, you will get a lot more visitors to your posted classified ad and more chances a deal happens.

Plus, we have kept the site as clean as possible as far as advertisements in the pages. If you check out the pages, you will notice that there is only one third-party ad under the fold on the left side. This ensures that our clients don't get bothered. We said enough for this time, let us know if you are interested in the whole subject of internet and search. We are passionate about it.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

What is Done in the Past Few Days and Where We Are Standing Now

We have had great responses from many people in past few month. Trust us, it is addictive when you get a good feedback. You don't want those nice reviews to stop. So, you do everything in your power, to get even nicer and better reviews. It just simply was the introduction of where we are standing at this point in time.
To meet the expectations, the team has worked on a newer list of cities and categories for this classifieds. There will be some other changes as we want to have the most user-friendly classifieds for the community before we get criticized for not being the easiest site to use. You probably won't notice these changes as we are implementing them as smoothly as we can, rather than doing it in a short time.
The classifieds forums are ready to be used too. Forums are meant for discussions about certain ads. If you are the ad owner, have a different approach in the forums section. This section is meant for people to ask questions and get answers. So, put your marketing skills aside and start your friendly approach in the forums. We do monitor the forums and anything unrelated or anything that doesn't add value to the threads will be removed. As we have said in the past, the priority is to bring the best quality for the visitors.
Now, we ask a question and then we wrap this post. Let us know if you people want to be able to choose your city classifieds from a map. So, you can either choose your area by choosing the text version, or the map version. If we get enough requests, we will implement this change too. Well, this all depends on you now. You may use the contact us form for this feedback.
Enough have said here, it is time to get back to work on providing everyone with the ability to post free ads. We are happy that we are part of the world community now and this couldn't have been done without everyone's effort in the world.