Monday, 25 June 2012

Some Info About The

We though it should be a good idea to let our visitors know about the process of making the There is a new challenge every day and these challenges do not limit to making a website only. Nonetheless, one of our latest targets was to make the site as fast as we can.

So, we did try Google Speed Test as our testing program. At first, we were losing to big names such as or But, after working for days on the site, we were able to make classifieds' speed score to the same range of the biggest names in this industry. The main change was to make sure that all the images are scaled for their purpose and we have raised the image size limit for uploading pictures.

Another big thing for us in the past few days has been about a large growth on Twitter Page followers. We are almost at six hundred followers only after having the site up for about a month!. We would like to take the time and thanks all our followers. This was all the updates we wanted to talk about for now. Best luck to everyone finding right classified ads for their needs.

Monday, 18 June 2012

We have added the Google +1 button to our classifieds!

Now you can plus one your favorite classified ads on We have done this to ensure that our clients have the ability to share and spread the word over the internet as conveniently as possible.

But again, we already had the Facebook and Twitter liked buttons. So, this would be an extra option to you. We recommend you to share your ads on all three major social networking sites as your ad can be exposed to a larger traffic. In the past they were saying time is equal to money, now you should say traffic is equal to money!

Last not least, you can always use Facebook to sign in and your posted ads can automatically be shared on your timeline. You will get a checkbox before submitting your ad which it allows you to enable or disable this feature.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Many Features Have Been Added To The Classifieds

We have had the site up for about two weeks now. We have had great reviews and this is why we love our jobs. Nonetheless, there has been challenges and we have ensured that more people can use the site to post ads online. We basically have added a page for each province on free ads time. So, even if your city is not listed, your province have a great chance of being in there.

We have also added the site map page for humans. So, if you ever happen to get lost on the site, make sure to use it. The classifieds site map link is in the footer of the site. Last not least, you can search for apartments, jobs, employment and everything else on the site from the home page now. The link again is in the footer.