Monday, 2 July 2012

Work doesn't stop at

We have had some requests on adding Linkedin and Stumbleupon share buttons. We are here now to announce that the buttons are added and you can share the classifieds by one click. Recommend buttons are located on the left side of each page. The box is called share this page.

We also have seen a tremendous jump in terms of traffic and number of posted ads. We are only in the second month and traffic has already doubled up the first-month traffic. The team is dedicated to keeping the quality of the site up as well. We recommend you not to post ads with exactly same content. This can be seen as over posted ads and you will not gain many customers. Use different description on each post, even if you are promoting a same item or service.

Our team will try to give you more tips on a regular basis on how to deal with a classified ads site. By the end of July or early August, we may have one person dedicated to this blog in a full-time position. You may also contact us if you are interested in the position. Keep in mind that you should have a great computer background and knowing any programming would be a plus. People with some experience will have better chances, but we are encouraging new faces to apply for the posting as well. Many of our classifieds members started off new but they are doing a wonderful job and they are adding to the community values.