Thursday, 9 August 2012

Posted Classifieds Reports Will be Checked

Many of us have used Classified Advertising and we know what it is all about. We all want to see a site that we enjoy it. However, they are many times that we get reports on ads being posted multiple times as well as being posted in the wrong category. Our team will remove these ads. We highly recommend everyone to be percussed while they are posting ads.

As we have said earlier, we are providing everyone with the ability to post ads for free. Therefore, we all should be more responsible for our posts. Do not post ads that can offend anyone, do not post affiliate links. We are not here to help other sites to make money! we are here to enable the community to enjoy browsing the local ads.

We get tons of great Free Ads but a few bad apples can ruin the whole thing. Now, we are focusing on monitoring ads more than ever before. We are setting up a system that it simply doesn't allow anyone to post unrelated stuff, from the beginning.

If you are a member, let us know your thoughts and how we can have a clean site. We may add more administrators and if you think it is something that interests you, let us know. We probably would return the favors by giving more power to the moderators. We already have this in our forum pages, yet this is not enough.

As for moderators for categories, we need people for barter, pets, vehicles, jobs, cars, services, apartment rentals and community sections. Do let us know if any of these would be an interest to you. The site gets updated on every moment. New postings are happening, so we need people with plenty of time available on their hand. The more time you can put for this job, the better chances you will have of becoming a moderator.