Saturday, 1 September 2012

We Have Added Black Listed Words

Our goal is to keep the site as user-friendly as possible. We have added a blacklisted words list to our system. This list gets updated on regular basis and our aim is to stop spammers. We are here to help everyone to find what they are looking for and spam is one thing that would help no one for this matter. It is just one thing that we have added recently.

The answer to how we were managing spams up until now is that the site is already equipped with different control tools. We have had math questions in forms and we have had Captcha to where ads are being submitted.

Nonetheless, our team will not stop to fight unwanted stuff on the site and we do our best to keep this free community free from spammers. Check the site, let us know what you thing. If you think your added content has not been approved for this algorithm update, let us know and we look into it.

Other than that, everything seems fine. We still have kept the site free from third party advertisements. Our aim is to keep it this way as the client can see more without being interrupted. Most our competitors do have other ads on their site, so it is to our advantage not to have it.
The truth is that we are trying to be the best free classifieds on the internet and to achieve this goal, we have to have a better strategy from our competitors. Anything that potentially can stop our visitors from visiting back the should be stopped. This is what our team has focused on.

Thanks for visiting the site and the blog.