Saturday, 1 December 2012

Holidays Are Back Again

This is that time of year that a number of visits to most sites will almost double up. At least it sure will happen for us. Big bucks retailers, electronic stores do count on this time of the year to survive in a competitive market. As for us, we are not so nice to our competitors as our visitors can almost do everything on at no charge.

No matter if our traffic gets to double up or triple up, yet we do our best to provide the best free services. Posting classifieds and selling your items can be done totally at no charge and with no commission to our side. We also have improved some of the settings on our servers, ensuring that we will have the best of our server for this upcoming holidays.

We are eager to hear from people wanting us to add more cities to classifieds. We do our best to check out as many as requests possible and we will make changes to our site. Keep in mind that suggesting new cities can help your neighborhood too in a sense. They don't have to choose the closest city as for their posted ads, they rather can choose the actual city.

Last not least, we wish you a time filled with best moments and cherished memories as for the upcoming holidays. We are looking forward to serving our visitors in upcoming years with even a better service. Don't hesitate to contact us to ask questions or leave feedback. This is how we can improve and serve the community.