Friday, 1 February 2013

February Updates From Our Free Classifieds

Valentine's day is in February and we wanted to add some edge to our logo for this day. We will be happy to get designs from our visitors and we may choose your logo for this upcoming valentine's day. Make sure that he image dimensions stay within 250 to 40 pixels. This logo should explain a free classifieds of course.

We also will be happy to hear about other ideas you may have for this day. We may or may not choose to use your feedback, nevertheless, it will be great to know what our visitors' thoughts are. Make sure to stick with the free idea. Our aim is to always provide our visitors with the free option of posting classified ads.

Besides the Valentine's day, we have noticed that a number of similar ads being posted are on the rise. We may add codes where it understand the same ads and it won't approve them. Keep in mind that you can always renew your ads as long as you're logged in.

We always recommend you to sign up an account as it gives you a lot more options comparing to post as a guest. Renew option is one and plus you can see how many times your ads have been visited. To make sure that everyone can use these features, we decided to add the Facebook login. So, if you have a Facebook account, which most likely you do, then you can use this account to log in to your's account. Give it a try and see what your thoughts are.