Monday, 1 April 2013

Tremendous Increase in Number of Visitors happens to do quite better month after month as for its traffic. Most traffic coming to the site were mostly from search engines, however, we have noticed that they are quite a large number of generated traffic coming from other sites now. This includes social networking sites as well as other regular news, forums, blogs and other such sites.

This basically tells us the word of mouth is happening through 2013 available technology. First, we would like to thank you all and we do our best not to let down any of our visitors. Plus, our mission which it is to provide the option of posting free ads to everyone with the best user experience is always in our mind.

We are always looking to do more than an average classifieds does. They are sure many challenges along this road, but we've learned to never give up and to fight. For example, we recently have added the option of sharing ads on the Facebook timeline for regular members too. This suggestion came from some of our visitors and we look forward to placing more suggestions in future.

We already have some tasks planned. This includes asking more questions and providing more detail results for certain categories. For example, if we have a category for selling cars, then we would ask the poster what year the car was made and how many miles or kilometers are on it. Then visitors can specify more detailed searches. This will be happening across other categories too.