Wednesday, 1 May 2013

May 1st and the Labor Day

Being part of a classified ads team gives you extra insights as for anything going around the world. We noticed changed in traffic today, so we knew there should be something international about May 1st. After slight research on Google, we came across the International Workers Day term. Of course, Google loves to show Wikipedia as one of their first results and here is the Wiki link about this day:

Besides the May 1st, we have exciting news on a number of total posted ads on They have been over 25k ads posted on the site and we would like to thank all the people who posted these ads. It sure gives us the motivation we need to work even harder day after day.

As for the stores, there are over 130 stores created from day one. This sure is a good number, but of course, we all want to see it get to thousand range stores rather than few hundreds. But, please make sure if a public page is something you should go for. It is mostly meant for people who have more than one ad.

Enough of numbers, we are working on more features, where we should be able to announce them in a month or two. We first would run a pilot version of our newer features and if they were on demand, then we make them official. Our next step would be to make them as perfect as possible. Once again, we thank you all for using this site as your classifieds destination.