Sunday, 9 June 2013

The New Version of the Site

The major change was that we went from a .com to a .org. We have been wanting to make this change from earlier days and we finally were able to make it happen in this month. As for the visitors approach, everything would be the same and they won't see any differences. One can still post ads and create stores as with same procedure.

As for the bugs, we noticed that some of the URL were still pointed out to the .com version and we have tried to have them all fixed now. Nevertheless, if you came across a link pointed to the other domain, please do let us know and we will have it fixed a.s.a.p.

Keep in mind that all our pages have been changed except the blog and the emails. Our blog still is on a .com and we would keep it this way for now. We may eventually change this as well, but we don't have a plan for it just yet.

As for our pages in search engines including Google, we noticed they mostly have indexed our new version of the site already. Even if you use the old URL, you would be redirected to the new one, so, either way, you would end up in

It will be nice to hear from people out there to know what their thoughts are about this change. So, please don't hesitate to leave us your thoughts. We will give you more updates on this and other changes on the upcoming blogs.