Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Canada Day and US Day

We already have had Canada day behind us and US day is coming up. We would say happy birthday to both of these two great nations. Plus, it seems there have been some hot days on both of these two countries. It sure is a great time to spend it with family and friends.

As for the classifieds, we are working on putting a deal of week type of promotion on the site. We would update you about it as soon as it is up. It basically would be a section, where it would have some great deals. For example, you would save certain percentage if you buy the product through this promotion page.

Free ads are being added on a regular basis as well. The number of posted ads has been increasing day after day. We have placed even more monitoring system; yet again make sure to be cautious when contacting ad owners or when being contacted. If a deal does sound too good, it probably is not legitimate.

We have been getting regular feedback from our visitors and we would like to thank you all for putting the time and effort to leave us your thoughts. Our team does its best to check these messages on regular basis. We probably would increase our number of people, so that we can provide the best service.

At one point, we thought of having a customer service live chat running on the site. We haven’t come to a conclusion yet as if this chat would be a good add-on or not. It sure runs a higher cost than the regular contact page, but it may actually worth it. We would be happy to hear from our visitors about this matter as well. Please be more specific on your answers and give us examples of what you think would be right or wrong.