Saturday, 3 August 2013

Some Insights Which You May be Interested In

FreeAdsTime's visitors do tend to look at multiple pages and ads before leaving the site. The homepage is the most visited page as one should expect this of course. Also, the homepage is the top landing page.  Now, the info you may not guess is that the thank you page showing up after posting ads is the number one people leaving the site from.

The site has a lower bounce rate and it is in a sense in the perfect range. This bounce rate represents the number of people visiting the site and they would leave right after their visit. Normally a number between 25% to 60% bounce rate is in a good range. A very low percent would indicate that not many people can find the content they wanted through their first-page visit and they had to go to other pages. A very high percentage can say that no one really was interested enough on the site. So, they didn't bother to check its other pages.

Submitted contents for the ads are all being done by real people and real visitors, as we have stopped other ways via great programs including Captcha, math questions, and other methods. We, of course, can not name them all, as this info can be used against the site. Nonetheless, we still see things that are not as good quality as we would like them to be. We do remove so much of such contents manually and some get reported via our visitors. Therefore, it is always great to hear from our visitors and know what their feedback is.

We covered the bounce rate and the top landing or leaving the page and some other info. If you're interested to know more about such info, let us know. We have technical people who can go through more detailed numbers and they can explain them.