Sunday, 1 September 2013

Time Flies and So We Should

Another September is back and I think this month reminds all of us of work days or productive days in other words. As for students, they, of course, go back to school starting September and it's a forward progress for them. The great thing with September as for our team is that most of us have had our time off and vacations and now we really can focus on work.

We would love to bring as much as possible on the table so that we can be proud on our next summer vacation. This requires a lot of dedication and keeping up with technology. We've so much in mind and we would be giving a brief explanation on this blog.

We are aiming to add a deal section, where it will be connected to posted ads in a way. We are still working on its details, but it sure can help businesses to sell in large quantities. Basically, a weekly deals section will be added and it would showcase the promoted items. We would do our best to ensure that the prices to end customers would be one of the lowest.

Beside this, we would be trying to add more map friendly features to the site. There are a lot of thoughts to be made on this part still and it probably would take a bit longer before getting such features applied to the site.

Last not least, we may give the option of automatic featured ads renewal. This sure can be quite exciting for those of people who would like to have their ads renewed every month. We pointed out about three near future add-ons to the and you can expect to hear more from us in upcoming weeks.