Tuesday, 1 October 2013

October and Halloween

It is great to work for FreeAdsTime.org as we see the changes slightly earlier than other people. For example, I noticed people posting Halloween related ads starting about a week ago. It is probably too soon for regular people to talk about Halloween right now, but we have already started talking about it. It sure seems sellers are eager to sell their products out there.

As usual, I'd recommend buyers to be very aware. Ensure that you can meet the sellers in person and make sure the product is legit. Don't send money over the internet, it is just not the best idea when it comes to local classifieds. This doesn't just apply to FreeAdsTime.org, I'd say this would be across any other similar site online.

Besides this upcoming holiday, there are more special days coming up. I won't talk about them right now, but I'd say it is good to keep an eye on the site just in case if good deals showed up. As for sellers, it is best to be early than late. You can actually renew your ads if you sign up.

Renewing allows one to have his or her post at the top of the list at the moment of renewing ads. This way, you'd know that your ad has more potential of being exposed to more people. Nevertheless, you can always do the featured ad and get the most expose possible over here.

Last not least, let me know what you rather see us talking about. We are eager to know what people have in mind out there!