Sunday, 1 December 2013

Holidays and Classifieds

The site is getting more traffic about this time of the year and we have boost up our servers so we prevent any inconvenience. Nevertheless, please let us know if any of our services didn't meet your expectations. Our team is eager to hear from you and they are even more eager to address the issues as soon as possible.
Once again, we recommend you check more than one item for what you're planning to buy. Ensure the deal makes sense and make sure to deal locally. This way you can see the other person and you can once again prevent any inconvenience.
As for the ad posters, we have lifted the limit of posting images. To do this, post your ad first and then go to the modify option for the ad. There you can add more images. We don't have the option of posting videos just yet, but embedding Youtube video can be done. Make sure you have the rights to the video before embedding it.
These were just some of the points I wanted to make for now. We would send out updates and notices if anything else came up about this time of the year. we wish you a happy holiday season and please keep us updated too if you came across what worth sharing.