Wednesday, 1 October 2014

It's never over night, it's always over time

I picked this topic to not only ease entrepreneurs eager but also to remind corporates of the big picture. Everyone tries to get from A to B and this path should not really be about how fast you get to point B. It will mean a lot more if you gain priceless expertise along the ride. There is only one person can determine if you are successful and that's you.

As for the classifieds, this is what we have seen. We've gained experiences that we never thought we ever would have. This, of course, applies to any other businesses too, yet it's slightly different with classified ads site. We have the opportunity to see all type of businesses day after day, yet we have no idea what comes next.

Do your best to be the reason of solutions rather than problems.

FreeAdstime Team

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Summer Updates

It is nice to have these sunny days back! Classified ads sites tend to get more traffic this time of the year. It is hot out there and people are in buying and selling mood. We highlighted some of the content on the site, so it makes it easier for posters what some of our guidelines are.

It is always best to meet locally when you dealing on classified ads sites. Our aim was not really to create a website, we rather wanted to create a community. It has true that almost 100k ads are already posted and ton of people have visited the site regularly. However, when you look at a specific location, you'd notice that there are certain trusted people in each area.

Tell us about your experience and let us know if your deals went as you expected.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Repetitve Ads Will Get Removed

We have systems in place ensuring we don't get similar or substantially similar ads posted on the site. We understand that the visitors aim is to bring their ads to a higher position by doing so. As a result, we have implemented the renewing ad option. This feature is available to both registered and guest visitors.

To use this option, simply log in to your account and click on the renew button. If the button is grayed out and it says 2 soon to renew, then you should try it at a later time. In general, ads can be renewed once in every 48 hours.

For guest members, please check the email you have received from us. There is a link available for this task. Simply visit the link and click on the renew the ad option. Once again, if it was not clickable, then you have to make sure the 48 hours time has passed since you have posted the ad.