Sunday, 19 January 2014

Short Post

You may notice some slight changes and this is just a heads up message. The site would have an overall easier navigation and the pages height would be shortened. Once again, our aim is to make the pages faster and friendlier.

We also have 2 deals for now and here they are:

FreeAdsTime Team

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2014 is up!

It was fun seeing people counting down to get to the year 2014 and it is finally here. We hope this year brings happiness and joy. Our team did their part with having number blocks ready for the countdown. I try to post some pictures of this event as soon as I get some time.

Other than this, as usual, we are shooting for a lot of new changes and features. Change is not easy, but humans learned over and over that it is a need rather than an option. So, expect to see some cool features on upcoming months.

As for what we did last year, we can summarize it to mainly creating the whole structure of the website. We also saw a great increase in traffic and we are positive that we were one of the fastest growing classifieds in the year 2013.

We are not going to sit around just because we did well last year! rather we put our acts together to do double as well as what we did last year. It is going to be repetitive if I say it one more time, but we will bring word cool to the site.

Happy New Year
FreeAdsTime Team