Saturday, 1 March 2014

Summay of Past Thirty Days Work

You probably have noticed that the top part of the site still shows up, if you scroll down. It is rather a header sticky now. This was done to ease the site's navigation. You basically get to choose to go to the homepage, post an ad page or to your account at any moment without scrolling.

Plus, we've had fun working on this Pinterest page. It is amazing to see how people like to share images. We hope using this method can bring more exposure to the site and ultimately to the ads. This sure would benefit sellers and it does help the buyers in a way too.

You also may have noticed that we do more updates on our other social networking pages. We will continue this as it seems people are very interested. We do our best to share the most engaging ads on a daily basis and you can always suggest a page for this purpose.

The user section was improved as well. It is now quite easier to create stores or browse through your posted content. All the user's options are presented in one page and it is quite more friendly now.
You should expect to see more changes for the next month and please don't hesitate to leave us your feedback. We always would love to hear from our visitors.