Saturday, 3 May 2014

How Optimizing a Server Can Help an online Business to Grow

Having a fast and optimized server is considered a vital point of any online businesses. Without having an appropriate optimized server, it is extremely difficult to keep the server secured and responsive. If a site’s response time is below average, visitors may leave the site immediately. As a result, the bounce rate of these sites and servers would be high.

One of the most important points a server should have is that it should be secured. This is considered a priority factor as it can play a crucial role in users’ safety. This step can be done through adding modules and firewalls to the server. Limiting IP access as well as closing certain ports can substantially increase the security of a server. Therefore, a concrete trust would build up between the site and the users. This can help an online business in a long run.

Another staple point is that a server should have a fast respond time. There are numerous tools available online which can help you to determine a server speed. Some of these tools not only provide you with respond time score but also, they provide you with user experience score. For instance, Google page speed can determine mobile design experience’s score for a site and it provides you with suggestions on how to improve this score.

Indeed, to have an adequate optimized server, it is best to have its performance checked and to have it secured. There are several ways to approach this work and this task should be done regularly since the technology is constant change. Growing an online business has its own challenges and it is best to eliminate the security and performance issues first.