Saturday, 1 August 2015

Specific Questions and More Exposure

We've to impress two different group of audience to fulfill the classifieds demand out there. Impressing both buyers and sellers has its own challenges, yet our new upcoming changes potentially can benefit both groups.

We will be asking more questions when an ad is being posted. For instance, we perhaps will ask the color of your car or whether it has a navigation system or not. These questions would be optional to answer, but providing them can potentially result in more exposure for a posted ad.

New pages will be set up to showcase the results based on more specifications. For instance, buyers would have the option of finding a car based on its color as well. The good news for buyers is that your ad can be seen by better leads.

Last not least, we've made improvements to the speed of the site as well and this, of course, would improve the visitor experience both for buyers and sellers.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Meeting Visitors’ Expectations

We've noticed that the number of specific searches has gone up in We decided to add more detailed pages to improve the user experience. An example would be the Great Dane for sale page. This page lists all Great Danes posts under one page and it makes it quite easier to compare the listings.

Feel free to visit the popular lists page to see all the new more specific categories.  We ,of course, would try to improve these new pages and we sure would come up with even better features as we learn more.

Moreover, we are now supporting more cities for regions with more traffic. This new approach can help locals to easily find products or services closer to their areas. We are at the experimenting step right now and we will expand this feature if we believe this new approach is meeting our expectations.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Mobile-Friendly Update and Classifieds

Google has added a mobile friendly factor to their search engine ranking. The update has been fully implemented and the ranking adjustments have been made. Some may not notice the changes yet as their pages perhaps have not been indexed by Google after the update.

We believe Google would take more steps to ensure that the visitors would have the best experience when visiting a site.

As for classified ads sites, we came across many sites in this niche that they've not made any changes. Some of these older sites are even using certain themes that been purchased as a package. We highly doubt they have the knowledge or the expertise on making such sites mobile.

FreeAdsTime has been mobile friendly for over a year and we do our best to improve its user behavior. We've noticed a great improvement in traffic resulted from this Google update.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Being Mentioned and Traffic

I tried to search for this website name and it seems people are talking about it a lot more comparing to a year or two years ago. We worked hard through past few years to enable this community and this is a dream come true for us now. As for advertisers, the good news is that a lot more many people are seeing your ad. Buyers are happier as well since they can actually find more stuff.

I believe in 2015 we will hit the all time record month after month and we make sure to provide visitors with all-time record customer support and service as well. After all, this community came to live because of our visitors and we want to ensure that we deserve your attention.