Saturday, 1 August 2015

Specific Questions and More Exposure

We've to impress two different group of audience to fulfill the classifieds demand out there. Impressing both buyers and sellers has its own challenges, yet our new upcoming changes potentially can benefit both groups.

We will be asking more questions when an ad is being posted. For instance, we perhaps will ask the color of your car or whether it has a navigation system or not. These questions would be optional to answer, but providing them can potentially result in more exposure for a posted ad.

New pages will be set up to showcase the results based on more specifications. For instance, buyers would have the option of finding a car based on its color as well. The good news for buyers is that your ad can be seen by better leads.

Last not least, we've made improvements to the speed of the site as well and this, of course, would improve the visitor experience both for buyers and sellers.