Sunday, 1 May 2016

50,000+ Live Ads

Yes, this great milestone has been achieved. Having 50K+ live ads posted on FreeAdstime basically means a lot to us and it also means more accountability from our side to provide a world class service. The path of getting to this level has been anything but easy.

Technology has been evolving faster than ever before and keeping the website with precious features is what drives traffic to the site. We have this in mind when we implement changes and when the strategies are planned.

The business listing section is a good example of what has been added to the site recently. This opens up a whole new avenue for businesses to promote their companies. A wide variety of categories are covered under these listings and we almost have every large city in the world listed on the site.

Once again, my aim from this blog is to say thanks to all the users and to remind you that we do our best to keep your business. As for the new visitors, feel free to post your ads or businesses and share your thoughts after a week or two and let us know what the level of your success has been.