Monday, 1 August 2016

New Apprach for Mega Cities

We provide an equal service for all cities, however, the larger cities tend to use most of our resources. We've decided to have a dedicated team for the high populated areas. This frees up the overhead from the current team and they can be more focused on other communities.

The new team, for now, will serve San Diego, Dallas, Jacksonville and Austin. We constantly monitor the other cities and if we believe more demand is being generated, we will take actions by adding more people to our team.

Once again, the quality of our services stays equal for all communities out there and we hope to even have more of smaller cities added to our list. Feel free to leave your city suggestions through the contact page and our team will do its best to ensure everyone in the world can use our services.

We're getting closer to about 60K live ads range and this again moves us to be a world-class classifieds/business listing site. We have this in mind for every day that we come to work and we ensure our quality of service is being improved day after day.