Sunday, 2 October 2016

Responsive Design Adjustments

The mobile traffic to FreeAdsTime is increasing with a solid trend and we decided to look into this topic as a priority within our business. We had our developers and UX people to look into this trend and they have come up with a wonderful initial plan.

 We want this to be a smooth transition and this enables you to learn about the new menus and navigations over time. Basically, the aim is to make the UI/UX great for mobile users on different stages and different phases.

We’ve made the initial changes to the homepage and to above the footer. The new footer allows you to browse through more common pages by only one click rather than visiting multiple pages to find your destination page.

Certain changes also have been made to the homepage or even to the view business or classifieds page to make it easier for different devices to browse through the site. We’ll try to have more updates on here and you, of course, will see these changes as they go live.