Thursday, 10 August 2017

FreeAdsTime Now is on HTTPS and Major Speed Improvement Strategies Have Been Applied

More than a few major improvements have been applied to the site over the last few months. We had the SSL activated for the and it now serves its pages through https protocol. We faced some challenges initially to move everything to https as we have over 2500 subdomains and the website structure had to be changed slightly. Nevertheless, our competent team had this sorted out and the site now has a great performance.

We also tested a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to speed up the pages; however, our expectations were not met and we decided to do a lot of manual improvements. We now have one of the fastest classifieds sites out there and this was measured using Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool.

We’ve noticed an improvement to traffic after these changes and this trend perhaps will continue. Basically, there’s a higher chance for a visitor to stay on a website if it loads under a few seconds. This is the case for almost all our pages right now and this is in parallel with our providing great user experience goal.

As usual, we’ll continue with newer updates and we’ll keep you posted.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

70,000+ Live Ads

There has been nothing but more interest in our products and services. We've reached a new milestone and that's having 70K live ads. Feel free to visit here to browse through the above-mentioned ads.

Another great news is that we are only days away from our 5th anniversary and it has been a phenomenal journey to get to this point. We've had our share of ups and downs and we still are learning new matters day after day.

It's also time to say thanks to all the visitors who have been helping us to keep the classifieds quite neat and clean. We are looking forward to provide you with best we can for years to come.

Adding new features and sections has always been part of our yearly plans and this year won't be any different. Expect to see cool new designs and features in upcoming months and we hope we can drive more online store features before the end of Q4.

Monday, 2 January 2017

2017 Main Focus Areas

Another year has ended and we, of course, welcome the new year. We had a wonderful year in 2016, we were able to add business listings to the website and we were able to add the product listings section in the Q4 of 2016.

The number of business listings is going at a rapid pace and we already have thousands of business posted in this section. There are certain future plans that we should be able to implement most of them in the year 2017.

Also, adding products section can ensure that we have a winning advantage over our competitors. This section is fairly new right now and we have seen some great initial interest on it. Adding a buy now option to these pages is part of our plan and we expect to have it live soon.

The classifieds, business listings, and the products section will be our three main focus areas for the year 2017 and we are planning on expanding each section. We will have people dedicated to each section and this should ensure the plans will move forward smoothly.