Saturday, 1 September 2018

Fully Equiped Classified Ads Site

FreeAdsTime popularity has exponentially been increasing month after month. This trend was started after having certain features added to the site and, of course, years of planning and upgrading have always been the first reason that we see any improvements at all.

The map API was updated on the site and finding items and services can now easily be done through the map rather than the classic listing pages. Also, a large number of improvements were made to the codes to make the website load faster almost than any other classifieds out there.

The changes, in general, caused a traffic spike and our aim is to build on this traffic as it both helps the buyers and the sellers to accomplish what they intended to by visiting this classified ads site.

Of course, the business listings and product listings are as well the pages that anyone can post or browse through. We will continue to do our research on what can add value to the site as for adding categories and we'll proceed where we see the value. Yet again, the FreeAdsTime is a fully equipped classified ads site and it'll be happy to serve you.