Saturday, 1 June 2019

Being Mentioned as a Classified Ads Site Alternative to Other Classifieds

Becoming a famous brand comes with its own perks. One thing that our team has noticed is that the FreeAdsTime mention on other websites has been steadily on the rise. We have been mentioned on many sites and couple examples would be the Craigslist alternatives and Backpage alternatives list.

It seems it has become a common practice to find similar or alternative websites as many try to post their ads on multiple websites so that they can increase their chances of selling their item.

We are participating in some of the ad sharing programs that are offered by some of the websites in our niche such as Oodle and Trovit. What happens is that some of the posted ads will be shared with them and they’ll be displayed on their sites as well. This increases the exposure to the posted ads.

A note is that we do not share the ad owner personal info that was entered in the designated personal info fields on the site. Almost only ad title and description are accessible through these other sites and their visitors have to visit FreeAdsTime to communicate with the ad owners.

Yet again, the mentions of us on other sites is a positive sign for us. We will continue to do our best to provide a world-class service and we would like to thank everyone that has recognized us over the past decade almost. 

Saturday, 5 January 2019

Entering 2019 and All the Excitements

Change is what has kept us advancing in every aspect of life and a year change is an iconic point of how we usually track the history. 2018 was a great year as for the web traffic increase FreeAdsTime classifieds had and this simply means that there are more sellers and there are more buyers. Everyone’s basically was a winner in 2018.

The 2019 news is that our aim will be to continue to be one of the main players among top classified ads sites on the internet and it’s harder done than said. The team here has put a great plan together to ensure that every visit experience to FreeAdsTime is nothing other than great.

Making the website load faster and adding easier social media sharing are examples of things you can expect to see from early on this year and over dozens of other changes are in the pipeline for the remaining of the year.

Our team here wishes you a wonderful year with the hope that you will have many successes in 2019. Of course, feel free to reach us using the contact page provided on the site if you had any inquiries or questions.